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 Gli ingredienti ci sono tutti per realizzare una deliziosa marmellata d’arance, in una versione particolare: con bucce d’agrumi misti. Ph: Nicola Pezzotta

How long is a jam supposed to be cooked for? How can I be sure it’s ready? How much sugar do I add in order to get a decent result? How can I guarantee the healthiness of the product? What’s the difference between jam and preserve?

These and more other questions have been treated during the first “Con in faccia un po’ di sole” workshop entirely dedicated to jams and preserves. A full immersion in a fascinating world which represents a stimulating part of the confectionery sector.

Wines, liqueurs, spices, aromatic herbs, fragrant flowers, dried fruit, everything can make a jam or a preserve a little richer, growing its perfume, characterising the aroma, donating a singular taste and a captivating consistency, which means making it unique.

We started this “workshop about taste” with the aim of sharing some knowledge and education, as the result of continuous studies, passion and practice.


 Le arance di Sicilia, bionde e rosse IGP. Ph: Nicola Pezzotta

During our first meeting we learned how to make an orange jam using Sicily IGP blond and red oranges and following two different methods: the traditional one and the method developed by Christine Ferber, being both part of the “open pot” cooking technique. This way we were able to compare these two preparation methods checking the things in common and the differences on the visual, olfactory and gustatory level, as well as the results we got and the ones we could get using different methods.


 Metodi e risultati a confronto. Ph: Nicola Pezzotta

We discovered which rules should be followed and what we should be careful about while making a jam or a preserve, whatever method you choose.  Our aim is in fact to get a healthy and tasting good product that won’t go mouldy or ferment, where the aroma and the colors of fruit are preserved the best we can.

Thus the participants got the means to understand what can affect a preserve/jam gelling process and why the results are neither always the same nor what we wished.


 Le piccole attenzioni a cui prestare cura durante la lavorazione di una marmellata. Ph: Nicola Pezzotta

Valdaso yellow peaches and acacia honey, white figs and almond, lemon apples and limoncello liqueur, onion and ginger, three citrus fruits preserves (orange, lemon, grapefruit), these are just a few examples of what can be made basing on our own taste and inspiration, even combining the food that we like.

So don’t be surprised if you find yourselves mixing and measuring out various ingredients, experimenting new combinations and daring unusual unions, like modern alchemists taken by some sort of thirst for creating your own recipe. This is what you risk approaching the subject and taking part in “workshops about taste”.

All I can do now is wishing you to have fun and enjoy your meal!


 Ed ora l’assaggio! Ph: Nicola Pezzotta

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